Year 2013 Outlook

Hello Friends

The year 2012 has just passed and each one on the face of earth has some memory(ies) that can be referred to – whether it was good, fun, loving, heart-breaking, bad or simply overwhelming. It will be foolhardy on my part to let it steal the DAYS AHEAD of this year which could make the memories minuscule! Let us brace ourselves to LIVE what we often wish our neigbours as Happy NEW YEAR! The year is passed and only memories that can help to project into this year should be carried ahead! What is PAST if it is going to HOLD us to LIVE IN THE PAST must be put aside so that we can have a clearer FOCUS for this NEW Year!

It is the first day of the NEW YEAR – Let it be the beginning of a fresh air into your lungs to launch you out to seek the BEST for yourself! Live Today and LIVE IT TO THE FULL – Leave Tomorrow in the hands of God Our MAKER, He is already there before You and can best pioneer the hours, minutes and seconds ahead! It will only frustrate your TODAY. The best we can do for ourselves is to FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR EACH DAY as the year will roll by! Setting goals for ourselves which I must confess takes more than courage but discipline to pursue, yet it is the only pathway forward to a better future. Let us not just fold our hands and enjoy the celebration rather:

By setting priorities for each GOAL you will want to PURSUE, you will automatically move from a position of being acted on by events, to a position of acting on and shaping the outcome of those events.

Remember as the year go from one to the other that: You may not be able to control all of today’s events, but you must control how you respond to them!

God bless you and we wish you and your family God’s best for the New Year. May the days that fill 2013 be blessed and packed out with unique discoveries, fun filled adventures and moments of wonder that capture your imagination


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