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Free eBook on 09/02/13 – 17

Free eBook on 09/02/13 - 17

Christian Doctrine: A Basic Introduction [Kindle Edition]
Doug Erlandson (Author)

In “Christian Doctrine: A Basic Introduction,” Dr. Doug Erlandson presents a clearly-written and jargon-free guide to the central doctrines of the Christian faith. Beginning with a section on the source of Christian doctrine, Erlandson argues that the revelation of Scripture must be the primary source of our understanding of the essential doctrines of Christianity.

After a discussion on the nature of biblical inspiration, “Christian Doctrine” examines the major areas of theology, explaining each in a way that is straightforward and easy for the beginner to understand, and making note of those issues on which the major traditions within Christianity have disagreements.

The first area covered is the doctrine of God, which enumerates and explains the attributes of God, describes and defends the doctrine of the Trinity, discusses the nature of the decrees of God, and concludes with a chapter on creation and the providence of God.

The section on the doctrine of humanity explains what it is to be created in God’s image, the original creation of human beings in an unfallen state, and the fall into sin and the consequences of sin. This section also explains the covenants of works and of grace and describes the concept and order of salvation.

The doctrine of Christ begins with a description of the relationship between the person of Christ and His divine and human natures, one that includes a brief summary of how the early church came to the conclusion that Christ is one Person with two natures. Following this are discussions of Christ’s office as Prophet, Priest, and King, and the stages of Christ’s humiliation and exaltation. The last chapter in this section is devoted to the doctrine of the atonement, one that looks at various theories of the atonement and explains in detail the penal substitutionary view of the atonement. This chapter also includes a helpful discussion of the controversial issue of whether Christ died for everyone or only the elect.

Following the doctrine of Christ is a chapter devoted to the Holy Spirit, one which describes the work of the Spirit in this world and in the regeneration and sanctification of the believer. This chapter also looks at what the Bible says about the gifts of the Spirit and includes a section on the controversial issue of tongues.

The section on the church includes an overview on what the church is, a discussion of the relation of the church to society, a description of the various views on the proper form of church government (e.g., episcopal, presbyterian, congregational), and concludes with an extended discussion on the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, one which includes a description of the different views concerning the significance and the practice of these sacraments.

The last part of “Christian Doctrine” is called “The Doctrine of the End” and discusses life after death, the return of Christ, the various views of the millennium, and the different interpretations of the antichrist, the tribulation, the Rapture, and other issues on which Christians are in disagreement.

Although “Christian Doctrine” is written on a level that a beginner can understand, it is thorough in its description of the Christian faith. Even a person with a significant amount of training in theology will be able to benefit from the information and insights it provides.

NOTE : Although this book was listed as free at the time of this post, it may not be free when you arrive on this page. After selecting the download link, please be sure to confirm that the price of the book is 0.00 BEFORE you purchase or download.


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