Posted by: iryneefe | February 5, 2013

Free eBook on 05/02/13 – 11

Free eBook on 05/02/13 - 11

The Lesson of Jonah: There is a Price to Pay when you Disobey [Kobo Edition]
By: Cheryl Rogers

This free Bible lesson includes a wail tale about a middle school student Steve, who finds his charmed life turns sour when he runs for Student Council with a bad attitude. It appears at first that Steven won, but when he is rude to his opponent he learns the vote was very very close. He lands in a runoff election and is defeated. Steve’s life begin unraveling until he learns leaders are servants. He turns to God, surrenders his life, and sees God beginning to turn his life around! This story, “Too Close to Call” is excerpted from Cheryl’s ebook “Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, ” a short story collection teaching there is a price to pay when you disobey. The Lesson of Jonah also includes discussion questions and Bible citations that expand upon the message.

NOTE : Although this book was listed as free at the time of this post, it may not be free when you arrive on this page. After selecting the download link, please be sure to confirm that the price of the book is 0.00 BEFORE you purchase or download.


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