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Free ebOOK ON 02/02/13 -7

Free ebOOK ON 02/02/13 -7

And He Healed Them All [Kindle Edition]
Jeffrey McClain Jones (Author)

The story opens with James, the narrator, on his weekly visit to his old professor, Walter Schrader. Walter is recovering from a stroke in a convalescent home. There, instead of the fading form of his old friend that he expects, James finds his mentor animated by a dream he had the night before.

Unlike any other dream he has ever had before, Walter’s dream transports him to another place and time. There he witnesses what the Gospel writers merely summarize in a few words: thousands of people gathering from around the ancient Middle East, bringing all sorts of illnesses and injuries, and Jesus healing them all. As Walter watches, blind men receive sight, cripples walk, the deaf hear, a man’s arm sprouts a missing hand, and the dead come back to life.

On this hillside in the Mediterranean wilderness, thousands coalesce to receive a healing touch from the teacher, whose fame has run far ahead of him. Simple people in tattered rags, ornate dancers from the king’s court, rabbis and pagan magicians, Zealots and Roman soldiers, all carry their sickness and pain to this teacher, and he heals all of them. Compassionate eyes and gentle hands greet every human being that is willing to bring their need to him.

Each chapter retells a single dream. Together the twelve dreams form the story of a single day in which Jesus welcomes all those who come to him. In telling his dreams to the narrator, Walter interprets the strange and outrageous events summarized so briefly in the Gospels. Through the course of those dreams we find entry into the lives of many who received a life-changing touch on that one day. We also learn about the hearts and minds of Walter and his two listeners.

Jillian Moore, the staff psychiatrist at the convalescent home, becomes an active listener along with the narrator, as Walter’s dreams instigate a life-changing bond between them. The process of listening to the telling of the dreams, along with reconsidering the life and work of Jesus, plants new faith in their hearts. But nothing stirs them more than the unexpected recovery Walter makes from his devastating stroke.

We join the modern listeners at the beginning and end of each dream narrative. But most of the story’s pages narrate the miraculous work of the teacher. We see his rugged disciples serving as his body guards. We witnesses the way that healing human bodies gives wing to human souls. The teacher heals many by only briefly touching them, so he can reach as many as possible in a day. But he often stops to draw the sick and wounded into his loving eyes, that they might feel the shelter of his acceptance and discover their own value.

As the day wears on, the teacher’s human body begins to feel the effect of wrestling with demoniacs, touching and embracing so many whose physical ailments have infected their emotions as well as their bodies. From being propped by his friends, to sitting quietly as people pass by and touch the hem of his robe, the one who heals thousands loses strength as he gives all that he has to people in need.

When the dreams cease, Walter has welcomed a new richness to his faith, and has prepared for his departure from this life in a way that he never dared hope. At the end of the story, James and Jillian look back together at what they learned with, and from, Walter and hold onto each other as they claim their own renewed faith.

NOTE : Although this book was listed as free at the time of this post, it may not be free when you arrive on this page. After selecting the download link, please be sure to confirm that the price of the book is 0.00 BEFORE you purchase or download.


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