Posted by: iryneefe | January 29, 2013

Have you ever heard about the phrase “Let Go and Get on with life?”

Often this is advice you may have received resulting from serious situation in which you sometimes find yourself.  And I want to akin such periods to such that are dark and plays on your senses – you seem to be drowning and gasping for air at such moments.

And the when you are privileged to have some ‘friends’ around you, often these ones, all they truly want to do is to help, nevertheless the bottom line is that no one could truly do as far as you are concerned. It was like being dead without being in a grave. You know, you tend to listen to those who are trying to help through ‘the giving of advice or counsels’ and If what you are going through didn’t hurt so bad, you might have seen it as an irony and laughed at it.

Why? Because, you know that you also may have told same to many other persons in the past, that life was not to be taken for granted, and point on to the fact that LIFE was to be lived with every single moment as though you might never have another. Yet ironically, that was exactly what inwardly you may be struggling to do now and truly desire: to truly live this moment as the next moment you never can bank on it knowing that it does not really belong to you!

Why not live NOW to the fullest as if you may—never have another? You wonder! Nonetheless, you find yourself at the same moment staring you at the face and actually collapsing your spirit with its overwhelming weight, your helplessness to turn even. And worse still, in this miserable state – you know that crying does not help since you had come to that conclusion long ago.


So my question friends, is WHAT DO YOU DO IN SUCH A SCENARIO?



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