Posted by: iryneefe | January 18, 2013

Free eBook (1) 18/01/13

Free eBook (1) 18/01/13

No Fear of Hell
Linda McBurney-Gunhouse (Author)

From the Back Cover
Today more than ever before, the truth about hell and it’s existence is being challenged. Hell is a subject no one wants to think about, much less talk about. Yet, when some would be so bold as to deny the truth of what the Bible says about it, it is time to get back to Biblical truths and read with understanding. No Fear of Hell presents the Biblical truth about hell clearly, and more importantly, shows the only way to avoid going there.
About the Author
Linda McBurney-Gunhouse, a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has a passion for writing. She studied Journalism, English and History and received both a BA and BEd in English. She has a diploma in magazine writing. She has worked as a contributing editor for a community college and also as an editor for a community newspaper in Winnipeg. Her articles have appeared in national, city and community newspapers and in one magazine. She has written and sold one radio play. Linda has written several inspirational books and two fiction novels that also sell as ebooks. Her readership is international, and some of her ebooks frequently reach the Top 100 in specific categories. Linda also writes thought-provoking blogs.
In addition to writing, Linda enjoys other creative venues such as watercolor and acrylic painting, scrapbooking, and fibre art. She also teaches Creative Writing and occasionally does special speaking. She loves to share her deep faith in God and her testimony of His love and grace in her life, which is reflected in her writing, teaching and speaking engagements.

NOTE : Although this book was listed as free at the time of this post, it may not be free when you arrive on this page. After selecting the download link, please be sure to confirm that the price of the book is 0.00 BEFORE you purchase or download.


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